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New technology exercising machines which will help you burn more calories in less time with smaller effort

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Devices we use

5D Lipo

Vacu Treadmill

Vacu Bike

Body Roller


Therapies to attend

Lymphatic Drainage


Start & Rewind

Hyperhidrosis treatment

Wrinkle softening injections

Dermal fillers

Expected effects

Weight loss

Cellulite reduction

Cleanse & detoxify

Improved metabolism

Improved circulation

Body looks and feels lighter

Boost of energy & vitality

More youthful look


Our Customers love us!

“This is revolutionary. The science behind weight loss and more importantly body toning is amazing. The ladies are so professional, I went for a free taster which they are still offering, the studio is spotless and there are no sweaty men!”


“I’ve done 3 sessions in Skulpt Body Contouring and I’m very impressed. The rollers are great to help your circulation and get rid of unwanted cellulite”


“Highly recommended, I burnet over 800 calories in 30 minutes!”

“Four sessions and 2cm less on waistline.”

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